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Name: Dura Micro, Inc. (Acomdata)


Name: Dura Micro, Inc. (Acomdata)

2009-06-28 19:03:10



Id Name Note
27cb6-in-1 Flash Reader and Writer
27d7Multi Memory reader/writer MD-005
27daMulti Memory reader/writer MD-005
27dcMulti Memory reader/writer MD-005
27e73,5'' HDD case MD-231
27ee3,5'' HDD case MD-231
28143,5'' HDD case MD-231
28153,5'' HDD case MD-231
281d3,5'' HDD case MD-231
5fabStorage Adaptor
a109CF/SM Reader and Writer
a10cSD/MS Reader and Writer
b001USB 2.0 Mass Storage IDE adapter
b004MMC/SD Reader and Writer

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