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Name: Taiyo Yuden


Name: Taiyo Yuden

2009-06-28 19:03:10



Id Name Note
0001Bluetooth Adaptor
0002Bluetooth Device2
0005Bluetooth Device(BC04-External)
000bBluetooth Device(BC04-External)
000cBluetooth Adaptor
000eBluetooth Device(BC04-External)
000fBluetooth Device (V2.0+EDR)
0010Bluetooth Device(BC04-External)
0012Bluetooth Device(BC04-External)
0018Bluetooth Device(BC04-External)
0019Bluetooth Device
0021Bluetooth Device (V2.1+EDR)
0c24Bluetooth Device(SAMPLE)
ffffBluetooth module with BlueCore in DFU mode

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