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Name: TerraTec Electronic GmbH


Name: TerraTec Electronic GmbH

2009-06-28 20:03:10



Id Name Note
0012PHASE 26
0013PHASE 26
0014PHASE 26
0015Flash Update for TerraTec PHASE 26
0021Cameo Grabster 200
0023Mystify Claw
0028Aureon 5.1 MkII
0035Miditech Play'n Roll
0036Cinergy 250 Audio
0037Cinergy 250 Audio
0038Cinergy T² DVB-T Receiver
0039Grabster AV 400
003bCinergy 400
003cGrabster AV 250
0042Cinergy Hybrid T XS
0043Cinergy T XS
004eCinergy T XS
004fCinergy Analog XS
0055Cinergy T XE (Version 1, AF9005)
005cCinergy T²
0069Cinergy T XE (Version 2, AF9015)
006bCinergy HT PVR (EU)
0072Cinergy Hybrid T
0077Aureon Dual USB
0078Cinergy T XXS
0086Cinergy Hybrid XE
008eCinergy HTC XS
0097Cinergy T RC MKII
0099AfaTech 9015 [Cinergy T Stick Dual]
00a5Cinergy Hybrid Stick
00a9RTL2838 DVB-T COFDM Demodulator [TerraTec Cinergy T Stick Black]
00b3NOXON DAB/DAB+ Stick
00b9WDR DAB/DAB+ Stick
00e0NOXON DAB/DAB+ Stick V2
0102Cinergy S2 Stick
0105Cinergy S2 Box
10a7TerraTec G3
10ad Cinergy H5 Rev. 2

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