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Name: C-Media Electronics, Inc.


Name: C-Media Electronics, Inc.

2009-06-28 20:03:10



Id Name Note
000cAudio Adapter
000eAudio Adapter (Planet UP-100, Genius G-Talk)
0014Audio Adapter (Unitek Y-247A)
0001Audio Device
0005Blue Snowball
0103CM102-A+/102S+ Audio Controller
0104CM103+ Audio Controller
0102CM106 Like Sound Device
001fCM108 Audio Controller
0105CM108 Audio Controller
0107CM108 Audio Controller
010fCM108 Audio Controller
0115CM108 Audio Controller
013cCM108 Audio Controller
0004CM6631A Audio Processor
0002Composite Device
000dComposite Device
5000Mass Storage Controller
5200Mass Storage Controller(0D8C,5200)
0139Multimedia Headset [Gigaware by Ignition L.P.]
0003Sound Device
0006Storm HP-USB500 5.1 Headset
b213USB Phone CM109 (aka CT2000,VPT1000)

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