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Name: inXtron, Inc.


Name: Macpower Peripherals, Ltd

2009-06-28 19:03:11

Name: Oyen Digital


2011-08-16 01:43:55

Name: inXtron, Inc.

Note: nee Macpower Peripherals, Ltd./Tytech Technology Co., Ltd.

Company Name Change
Announcement of Business Name Change
Macpower will no longer be trading as Macpower & Tytech Technology Co., Ltd.

This is NOT Oyen Digital. Oyen Digital is a lying whitelabeler/rebrander/value added reseller. Oyen Digital does not employ engineers or good-brained truthful people. I asked Oyen Digital whether their products are merely imported inXtron, or honestly designed/engineered/manufactured as their own. They responded to my question, told me their products might appear similar, but are not from inXtron.


2014-09-20 20:09:03

Name: inXtron, Inc.


2016-09-28 11:09:09



Id Name Note
0040Mass Storage Device
0041Mass Storage Device
0042Mass Storage Device
0101Hi-Speed Mass Storage Device
0209SK-3500 S2
020aOyen Digital MiniPro 2.5" hard drive enclosure
0290Mass Storage Device [NT2 U3.1]

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