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Name: Integrated Circuit Solution, Inc.


Name: Integrated Circuit Solution, Inc.

2009-06-28 19:03:11



Id Name Note
0001Multi-Card Reader 6in1
0002Multi-Card Reader 7in1
0003Flash Disk
0005Internal Multi-Card Reader 6in1
0008SD single card reader
0009MS single card reader
000aMS+SD Dual Card Reader
000bSM single card reader
0101All-In-One Card Reader
0102All-In-One Card Reader
0301MP3 Player
0302Multi-Card MP3 Player
1001Multi-Flash Disk
2001Multi-Card Reader
2002Q018 default PID
2003Multi-Card Reader
2005Datalux DLX-1611 16in1 Card Reader
2006All-In-One Card Reader
2007USB to ATAPI bridge
2008All-In-One Card Reader
2013SD/MS Combo Card Reader
2014SD/MS Single Card Reader
2023card reader SD/MS DEMO board with ICSI brand name (MaskROM version)
2024card reader SD/MS DEMO board with Generic brand name (MaskROM version)
2026USB2.0 Card Reader
2027USB 2.0 Card Reader
2315UFD MP3 player (model 2)
2318UFD MP3 player (model 1)
2321UFD MP3 player

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