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Name: Sitecom Europe B.V.


Name: Sitecom Europe B.V.

2009-06-28 19:03:11



Id Name Note
0001C-Media VOIP Device
0004Bluetooth 2.0 Adapter 100m
0007Bluetooth 2.0 Adapter 10m
000bBluetooth 2.0 Adapter DFU
000dWL-168 Wireless Network Adapter 54g
0017WL-182 Wireless-N Network USB Card
0019Bluetooth 2.0 adapter 10m CN-512v2 001
001aBluetooth 2.0 adapter 100m CN-521v2 001
002bWL-188 Wireless Network 300N USB Adapter
002cWL-301 Wireless Network 300N USB Adapter
002dWL-302 Wireless Network 300N USB dongle
0036WL-603 Wireless Adapter
0039WL-315 Wireless-N USB Adapter
003bWL-321 Wireless USB Gaming Adapter 300N
003cWL-323 Wireless-N USB Adapter
003dWL-324 Wireless USB Adapter 300N
003eWL-343 Wireless USB Adapter 150N X1
003fWL-608 Wireless USB Adapter 54g
0040WL-344 Wireless Adapter 300N X2 [Ralink RT3071]
0041WL-329 Wireless Dualband USB adapter 300N
0042WL-345 Wireless USB adapter 300N X3
0045WL-353 Wireless USB Adapter 150N Nano
0047WL-352v1 Wireless USB Adapter 300N 002
0048WL-349v1 Wireless Adapter 150N 002 [Ralink RT3070]
0049WL-356 Wireless Adapter 300N
004aWL-358v1 Wireless Micro USB Adapter 300N X3 002
004bWL-349v3 Wireless Micro Adapter 150N X1 [Realtek RTL8192SU]
004cWL-352 802.11n Adapter [Realtek RTL8191SU]
0050WL-349v4 Wireless Micro Adapter 150N X1 [Ralink RT3370]
0056LN-031 10/100/1000 Ethernet Adapter
005dWLA-2000 v1.001 WLAN [RTL8191SU]
0060WLA-4000 802.11bgn [Ralink RT3072]
0062WLA-5000 802.11abgn [Ralink RT3572]
0072AX88179 Gigabit Ethernet [Sitecom]
061cLN-028 Network USB 2.0 Adapter
214aIDE/SATA Combo Adapter [CN-330]
21f444 St Bluetooth Device
2200Sitecom bluetooth2.0 class 2 dongle CN-512
2208Sitecom bluetooth2.0 class 2 dongle CN-520
2209Sitecom bluetooth2.0 class 1 dongle CN-521
3068DC-104v2 ISDN Adapter [HFC-S]
9071WL-113 rev 1 Wireless Network USB Adapter
9075WL-117 Hi-Speed USB Adapter
90acWL-172 Wireless Network USB Adapter 54g Turbo
9712WL-113 rev 2 Wireless Network USB Adapter

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