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Name: LG Electronics, Inc.


Name: LG Electronics, Inc.

2009-06-28 20:03:11



Id Name Note
1faeU8120 3G Cellphone
6000Various Mobile Phones
618eAlly/Optimus One/Vortex (debug mode)
618fAlly/Optimus One
61c5P880 / Charge only
61c6Vortex (msc)
61ccOptimus S
61daG2 Android Phone [tethering mode]
61f1Optimus Android Phone [LG Software mode]
61f9Optimus (Various Models) MTP Mode
61fcOptimus 3
61feOptimus Android Phone [USB tethering mode]
627fG3 (VS985) Android Phone (MTP/Download mode)
6300G2/Optimus Android Phone [Charge mode]
631cLM-X420xxx/G2/Optimus Android Phone (charge mode)
631dOptimus Android Phone (Camera/PTP Mode)
631eLM-X420xxx/G2/Optimus Android Phone (PTP/camera mode)
631fOptimus Android Phone (Charge Mode)
633aUltimate 2 Android Phone L41C
633eLM-X420xxx/G2/G3 Android Phone (MTP/download mode)
6344LM-X420xxx/G2 Android Phone (USB tethering mode)
6348LM-X420xxx Android Phone (MIDI mode)
6356Optimus Android Phone [Virtual CD mode]
6800CDMA Modem
7000LG LDP-7024D(LD)USB
91c8P880 / USB tethering
a400Renoir (KC910)

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