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Name: Western Digital Technologies, Inc.


Name: Western Digital Technologies, Inc.

2009-06-28 20:03:11



Id Name Note
0200FireWire USB Combo
0400External HDD
0701WD Passport (WDXMS)
0702WD Passport (WDXMS)
0704My Passport Essential (WDME)
0705My Passport Elite (WDML)
070aMy Passport Essential (WDBAAA), My Passport for Mac (WDBAAB), My Passport Essential SE (WDBABM), My Passport SE for Mac (WDBABW)
070bMy Passport Elite (WDBAAC)
070cMy Passport Studio (WDBAAE)
071aMy Passport Essential (WDBAAA)
071dMy Passport Studio (WDBALG)
0730My Passport Essential (WDBACY)
0732My Passport Essential SE (WDBGYS)
0740My Passport Essential (WDBACY)
0741My Passport Ultra
0742My Passport Essential SE (WDBGYS)
0748My Passport (WDBKXH, WDBY8L)
07a8My Passport (WDBBEP), My Passport for Mac (WDBLUZ)
07aeMy Passport Edge for Mac (WDBJBH)
07baPiDrive (WDLB)
0810My Passport Ultra (WDBZFP)
0816My Passport Air (WDBBLW)
0820My Passport Ultra (WDBMWV, WDBZFP)
0822My Passport Ultra (WDBBUZ)
0824My Passport Slim (WDBPDZ)
0830My Passport Ultra (WDBZFP)
0837My Passport Ultra (WDBBKD)
0900MyBook Essential External HDD
0901My Book Essential Edition (Green Ring) (WDG1U)
0902My Book Pro Edition (WDG1T)
0903My Book Premium Edition
0905My Book Pro Edition II (WD10000C033-001)
0910My Book Essential Edition (Green Ring) (WDG1U)
1001Elements Desktop (WDE1U)
1003WD Elements Desktop (WDE1UBK)
1010Elements Portable (WDBAAR)
1021Elements Desktop (WDBAAU)
1023Elements SE Portable (WDBABV)
1042Elements SE Portable (WDBPCK)
1048Elements Portable (WDBU6Y)
1078Elements Portable (WDBUZG)
107cElements Desktop (WDBWLG)
10a2Elements SE Portable (WDBPCK)
10a8Elements Portable (WDBUZG)
10b8Elements Portable (WDBU6Y, WDBUZG)
1100My Book Essential Edition 2.0 (WDH1U)
1102My Book Home Edition (WDH1CS)
1103My Book Studio
1104My Book Mirror Edition (WDH2U)
1105My Book Studio II
1110My Book Essential (WDBAAF), My Book for Mac (WDBAAG)
1111My Book Elite (WDBAAH)
1112My Book Studio (WDBAAJ), My Book Studio LX (WDBACH)
1123My Book 3.0 (WDBABP)
1130My Book Essential (WDBACW)
1140My Book Essential (WDBACW)
1170My Book Essential 3TB (WDBACW0030HBK)
1230My Book (WDBFJK)
1235My Book (WDBFJK0040HBK)
2599My Passport Ultra (WD40NMZW)
259dMy Passport Ultra (WDBBKD)
259fMy Passport Ultra (WD10JMVW)
25a1Elements / My Passport
25a2Elements 25A2
25a3Elements Desktop (WDBWLG)
25daMy Book (WDBFJK)
25e1My Passport (WD20NMVW)
25e2My Passport (WD40NMZW)
25eeMy Book 25EE
25f3My Passport SSD (WDBK3E)
25faeasystore Portable 5TB (WDBKUZ0050)
25fbeasystore Desktop (WDBCKA)
2603My Passport Game Storage for PS4 4TB (WDBZGE0040)
2624easystore Portable 5TB (WDBKUZ0050)
2626My Passport (WDBPKJ)
30a0SATA adapter cable

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