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Name: Sierra Wireless, Inc.


Name: Sierra Wireless, Inc.

2009-06-28 20:03:11



Id Name Note
0024MC5727 CDMA modem
0110Composite Device
0112CDMA 1xEVDO PC Card, AirCard 580
0218MC5720 Wireless Modem
6467MP Series Network Adapter
6468MP Series Network Adapter
6469MP Series Network Adapter
6802MC8755 Device
6803MC8765 Device
6804MC8755 Device
6805MC8765 Device
6812MC8775 Device
6820AC875 Device
6832MC8780 Device
6833MC8781 Device
683aMC8785 Device
683cMobile Broadband 3G/UMTS (MC8790 Device)
6850AirCard 880 Device
6851AirCard 881 Device
6852AirCard 880E Device
6853AirCard 881E Device
6854AirCard 885 Device
6856ATT "USB Connect 881"
6870MC8780 Device
6871MC8781 Device
6893MC8777 Device
68a3MC8700 Modem
68aa4G LTE adapter
9000Gobi 2000 Wireless Modem (QDL mode)
9001Gobi 2000 Wireless Modem
9002Gobi 2000 Wireless Modem
9003Gobi 2000 Wireless Modem
9004Gobi 2000 Wireless Modem
9005Gobi 2000 Wireless Modem
9006Gobi 2000 Wireless Modem
9007Gobi 2000 Wireless Modem
9008Gobi 2000 Wireless Modem
9009Gobi 2000 Wireless Modem
900aGobi 2000 Wireless Modem
9013Sierra Wireless Gobi 3000 Modem device (MC8355)
9055Gobi 9x15 Multimode 3G/4G LTE Modem (NAT mode)
9057Gobi 9x15 Multimode 3G/4G LTE Modem (IP passthrough mode)

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