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Name: PCPlay


Name: Unknown

2009-06-28 20:03:12

Name: PCPlay

a barcode device who have a brand on it called PCPLAY


2012-11-14 01:56:30

I'm wondering if this vendor ID should just be left blank name-wise, as it seems possible to me that products under it may well fall into several different brands.


2013-03-08 15:56:26

QVS is shipping PS/2->USB adapters with the PCPlay barcode (013ba:0018) chip inside. I have three of these, only one works (identified as 0e8f:0020 "USB to PS/2 Adapter [GreenAsia]"). This appears to be a common problem.


2016-03-28 14:29:30



Id Name Note
0017PS/2 Keyboard+Mouse Adapter
0001Konig Electronic CMP-KEYPAD12 Numeric Keypad
0018Barcode PCP-BCG4209

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