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Name: Super Top


Name: Super Top

2009-06-28 20:03:12

Name: Pascal de Bruijn

I have a device with the 14cd manufacturer ID, but it's a chip from "Moai Electronics Corporation"

So maybe a off shelf brand got confused with the chip manufacturer?


2011-06-23 17:02:13

Name: Moai Electronics Corporation

Name "Super Top" is rather generic.


2013-12-07 05:34:35

Indeed, macOS uses Moai Electronics Corporation


2021-03-22 00:08:42



Id Name Note
1212microSD card reader (SY-T18)
121cmicroSD card reader
121fmicroSD CardReader SY-T18
123aSD/MMC/RS-MMC Card Reader
125cSD card reader
127bSDXC Reader
168aElecom Co., Ltd MR-K013 Multicard Reader
6116M6116 SATA Bridge
6600M110E PATA bridge
6700Card Reader
6900Card Reader
8123SD MMC Reader
8125SD MMC Reader
86014-Port hub
8608Hub [Super Top]

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