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Name: Entrega [hex]


Name: Entrega [hex]

2009-06-28 20:03:12

Name: Cross Match Technologies GmbH

Note: former "Smith Heimann Biometrics GmbH" Entrega is the wrong vendor for this id, because it uses id 0x066d.
Id 0x1645 is registered by "Smith Heimann Biometrics GmbH" and used by "Cross Match Technologies GmbH" after a refirmation.
Since 0x066d equals 1645 in decimal, Entrega possibely produced some devices, using this wrong id. I do not know if they did.

If Entrega did never use the wrong vendor id and there is only mistake in your database only, I would suggest to move the device ids from 1645 Entrega [hex] to 066d. and rename the vendor for id 1645 to "Cross Match Technologies GmbH".


Joerg Pohl

2010-01-08 13:20:47

I have a Xircom PGSCSI SCSI-USB converter. [Xircom acquired Entrega and sold former Entrega products under the PortGear brand.]

It has USB ID 1645:0007, so Xircom/Entrega USB devices with VID 0x1645 definitely exist.


2014-08-31 21:42:30

From checking the Windows driver .INF files, it seems *all* Entrega devices did use VID 0x1645.

Presumably there was confusion as to whether the VID was in hex or decimal when Entrega were originally informed of their ID. (I have come across another couple of cases with the same hex-decimal confusion recently.)


2014-09-29 14:09:49



Id Name Note
00011S Serial Port
00022S Serial Port
00031S25 Serial Port
00044S Serial Port
0005E45 Ethernet [klsi]
0006Parallel Port
0007U1-SC25 SCSI
0016Bi-directional to Parallel Printer Converter
00801 port to Serial Converter
00811 port to Serial Converter
00931S9 Serial Port
80011 port to Serial
80022x Serial Port
80031 port to Serial
80042U4S serial/usb hub
80801 port to Serial
80811 port to Serial
8093PortGear Serial Port

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