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Name: MCS


Name: GrauTec


2010-08-30 10:44:59

Deletion request

VID 16D0 belongs to MCS Electronics, not GrauTec. This entry should remain empty if possible (not renamed to MCS); MCS uses this VID to sell individual PIDS to anyone, so it shouldn't be associated with any one name. I don't represent MCS, but have contacted them about it and this is their wish. See:


2012-01-03 06:34:01

Name: MCS


2012-09-19 22:12:23



Id Name Note
0436Xylanta Ltd, XSP Device
0498Braintechnology USB-LPS
0504RETRO Innovations ZoomFloppy
054bGrauTec ReelBox OLED Display (external)
05beEasyLogic Board
05f0Superior Freedom Programmable IR Remote
06ccTrinamic TMCM-3110
06f0Axium AX-R4C Controller
06f1Axium AX-R1D Controller
06f9Gabotronics Xminilab
0726Autonomic M400 Amplifier
0727Autonomic M800 Amplifier
0753Digistump DigiSpark
075cAB-1.x UAC1 [Audio Widget]
075dAB-1.x UAC2 [Audio Widget]
07ccXylanta Ltd, Saint3 Device
07f8Axium AX-R4D Controller
080aS2E1 Interface
0830DMXControl Projects e.V., Nodle U1
0831DMXControl Projects e.V., Desklamp
0832DMXControl Projects e.V., Nodle U2
0833DMXControl Projects e.V., Nodle R4S
0870Kaufmann Automotive GmbH, RKS+CAN Interface
09f2Axium AX-1250 Amplifier
09f4Axium AX-Mini4 Amplifier
0b03AIS Receiver [dAISy]
0b7dAutonomic M801 Amplifier
0b7eAutonomic M401 Amplifier
0b7fAutonomic M120e Amplifier
0bd4codesrc SCSI2SD
0c9bFermium LABS srl/LabTrek srl Hall Effect Apparatus
0d3cInputStick BT4.0

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