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Name: LW313 802.11n Adapter [ralink rt2770 + rt2720]


Name: LW313 802.11n Adapter [ralink rt2770 + rt2720]


2009-09-15 14:53:28

Deletion request

We don't include the driver name.


2009-09-15 20:27:08

Could you elaborate on "driver name"? As far as I know, I provided the product and chipset names, no driver names. The driver names are actually different from the chipset names; for instance, to use this adapter with rt2770 / rt2720 chipsets, I need the rt2870sta driver. I had to add the USB ID to rt2870sta's code before it worked, so I decided to change my's file too; after an update-usbids, the change was lost, of course. Hence it seems logical to have the product listed with it's proper USB id's?
Thanks, scraze


2009-09-15 23:53:45



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