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Name: Google Inc.


Name: Google Inc.


2010-01-23 14:30:56



Id Name Note
0001Onda V972 (storage access)
0003Android-powered device using AllWinner Technology SoC
0006Onda V972 MTP
0008Onda V972 PTP (camera)
0d02Celkon A88
2d00Android Open Accessory device (accessory)
2d01Android Open Accessory device (accessory + ADB)
2d02Android Open Accessory device (audio)
2d03Android Open Accessory device (audio + ADB)
2d04Android Open Accessory device (accessory + audio)
2d05Android Open Accessory device (accessory + audio + ADB)
4e11Nexus One
4e12Nexus One (debug)
4e13Nexus One (tether)
4e20Nexus S (fastboot)
4e21Nexus S
4e22Nexus S (debug)
4e24Nexus S (tether)
4e30Galaxy Nexus (fastboot)
4e40Nexus 7 (fastboot)
4e41Nexus 7 (MTP)
4e42Nexus 7 (debug)
4e43Nexus 7 (PTP)
4e44Nexus 7 2012 (PTP)
4ee0Nexus/Pixel Device (fastboot)
4ee1Nexus/Pixel Device (MTP)
4ee2Nexus/Pixel Device (MTP + debug)
4ee3Nexus/Pixel Device (tether)
4ee4Nexus/Pixel Device (tether+ debug)
4ee5Nexus/Pixel Device (PTP)
4ee6Nexus/Pixel Device (PTP + debug)
4ee7Nexus/Pixel Device (charging + debug)
4ee8Nexus/Pixel Device (MIDI)
4ee9Nexus/Pixel Device (MIDI + debug)
5033Pixel earbuds
7102Toshiba Thrive tablet
b004Pandigital / B&N Novel 9" tablet
d001Nexus 4 (fastboot)
d002Nexus 4 (debug)
d00dXiaomi Mi/Redmi 2 (fastboot)
d109LG G2x MTP
d10aLG G2x MTP (debug)

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