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Name: HP Prime Wireless Kit [FOK65AA] (Flash mode)


Name: HP Prime Wireless Kit [FOK65AA] (Flash mode)

Reserved for 2.4 GHz wireless dongles in flash update mode only. These wireless dongles are part of the HP Prime Wireless Kit [FOK65AA] for the HP Prime [G8X92AA] calculator revision C (or higher).

According to HP, this ID is not currently (2015-09) used, but is reserved for the flash update mode of the wireless dongles, which utilize a Nordic chipset.

The normal USB ID of the wireless dongles is 03F0h:0741h.

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2015-09-27 01:24:29

Name: nrf24LU1+ in Bootloader mode

This device ID is not related to HP at all, it's used by the chip itself and is documented in the data sheet: section 17.6.2 (page 144). Please make official.


2019-11-26 20:36:29



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