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Name: Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc


Name: SEL C662 USB to Serial Cable

EIA-232 to USB converter with selectable DTE/DCE connectivity. Also supports +5V on pin 1 (rather than RI).

Chipset is unknown (I can't crack my case open).

Vendor ID=1adb
Device ID=0001


2011-03-03 01:21:47

Name: SEL C662 Serial Cable


2011-11-13 12:22:40

Name: Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc

The description for this vendor ID should be specific to the manufacturer, not a particular device. Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories (SEL) manufactures multiple USB devices. This main entry should not be specific to a device.


2014-02-14 01:31:11



Id Name Note
0001C662 Serial Cable
0003CDC Ethernet Gadget

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