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Name: Afatech


Name: Afatech

2009-06-28 20:03:12

Name: KWorld


2010-04-07 10:25:04

Name: KWorld

I believe that KWorld is indeed correct for this vendor ID. Afatech has their own USB ID 15a4. Devices under this vendor ID seem to be mainly KWorld devices.


2014-12-29 19:53:53



Id Name Note
c810MC810 [af9015]
d393DVB-T receiver [RTL2832U]
d396UB396-T [RTL2832U]
d397DVB-T receiver [RTL2832U]
d398DVB-T receiver [RTL2832U]
d700FM Radio SnapMusic Mobile 700 (FM700)
e297Conceptronic DVB-T CTVDIGRCU V3.0
e302CVBS / S-Video Capture Device [Pinnacle Dazzle / UB315-E]
e34cUB435-Q ATSC TV Stick
e383DVB-T UB383-T [af9015]
e385DVB-T UB385-T [af9015]
e386DVB-T UB385-T [af9015]
e399DVB-T KWorld PlusTV 399U [af9015]
e39aDVB-T395U [af9015]
e39bDVB-T395U [af9015]
e401Sveon STV22 DVB-T [af9015]
e409IT9137FN Dual DVB-T [KWorld UB499-2T]

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