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Name: Sunplus Innovation Technology Inc.


Name: Sunplus Innovation Technology Inc.

2009-06-28 20:03:12

Name: ngc891

I got an external Hard Drive (the ICS25SU) from LETOGMS, a Korean vendor, which has the same device vendor ID (1bcf) as this one.
Can someone confirm this ID?
I'd like to add the device ID for my HD but I can't till this issue about vendor is resolved.


2010-07-26 06:11:56

external HDDs are using a USB to ATA chip which identifies itself to the host.
I guess the case is made by LETOGMS and the chip inside by Sunplus.
Sunplus produces such chips.
So there is no vendor id collision.


2010-10-16 11:28:18



Id Name Note
0005Optical Mouse
0007Optical Mouse
053aTarga Silvercrest OMC807-C optische Funkmaus
05c5SPRF2413A [2.4GHz Wireless Keyboard/Mouse Receiver]
05cfMicro keyboard & mouse receiver
08a0Gaming mouse [Philips SPK9304]
0c31SPIF30x Serial-ATA bridge
2281SPCA2281 Web Camera
2880Dell HD Webcam
2883Asus Webcam
2885ASUS Webcam
2888HP Universal Camera
2895Dell Integrated Webcam
28a2Dell Integrated Webcam
28a6DELL XPS Integrated Webcam
28aeLaptop Integrated Webcam HD
28bdDell Integrated HD Webcam
2985Laptop Integrated Webcam HD
2b83Laptop Integrated Webcam FHD
2b91Dell E5570 integrated webcam
2b97Laptop Integrated Webcam FHD
2c6eLaptop Integrated WebCam HD

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