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Name: CBM209x Flash Drive (OEM)


Name: Flash Drive


2012-02-17 11:15:50

Name: CBM209x Flash Drive (OEM)

So I took apart one of these drives, and the chip had little are no recognizable markings. However on the PCB it said CBM209x which seems to refer to one of their chipsets.

The drive I've seen this chip in, is in essence a no-brand drive with a company logo on it for promotional purposes.


2012-09-12 17:08:05

Name: CBM2093

Note: OEM USB Flash Disk

The CBM2093 is actually a pretty popular USB controller ("Fastest & Securest USB 2.0 Flash Disk Controller with dedicated 32-bit
microprocessor") in cheap OEM USB flash drives.

The datasheet and more can be found here:


2015-05-27 10:58:52



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