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Name: HP StreamSmart 410 [NW278AA]


Name: HP StreamSmart 410 [NW278AA]

HP StreamSmart 410 [NW278AA]

The USB VID 1F0Ch PID 2000h is used by the HP StreamSmart 410 [NW278AA] data logger for the HP Prime [G8X92AA] calculator revision C (or higher). Reportedly there are two variants of the HP StreamSmart 410 (aka SS410), the first one with a plug for at least the HP 39gs and 40gs, the second at least with a plug for the HP 39gII, HP 50g (with firmware 2.16 only) and HP Prime. This ID is known to be correct for the second version compatible with the HP Prime; the ID of the older version is unknown and may be the same or not.

While the HP StreamSmart 410 carries the HP label and is compatible with HP calculators, it isn't actually manufactured by HP. This might explain why it uses the VID 1F0Ch.

(The HP StreamSmart 410 should not be confused with the yet older HP StreamSmart 400, which uses USB VID 03F0h PID 0221h.)

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