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Name: Allwinner Technology


Name: Onda (unverified)

Device 1f3a:efe8 is my tablet in flashing mode.
The tablet: Onda V972 Quad Core, 9.7", 2048x1536 IPS, 32GB

ID 1f3a could be the vendor Onda, but one cannot be sure without verification of other Onda devices in flashing mode.


2013-07-21 20:28:49

Name: AllWinner Technology

Note: Onda use AllWinner A31 SoC, the flash FEL mode has the same ID on AllWinner A20 SoC

the Onda v972 uses a AllWinner Technology A31 SoC.

I tried today for the first time a Cubieboard2 in flash mode that uses a AllWinner Technology A20 too and have the ID 1f3a:efe8

The flash mode is called FEL in SunXi/ALlWinner world :

A SoC (System on Chip) include the USB controler.

So I suggest that this vender name for 1f3a is AllWinner Technology. and efe8 the FEL mode ?


2013-09-09 22:42:42

Name: Allwinner Technology

According to Wikipedia, the name of the company is "Allwinner Technology Co., Ltd"

I’d suggest to drop the "Co., Ltd", leaving the name "Allwinner Technology"


2013-09-29 12:53:12

Please update to read AllWinner.


2014-09-06 20:09:34

I also think it shold be Allwinner

Device ID 1f3a:efe8 is used in ebook reader Prestigio PER3464B in firmware flashing mode

it is based on SoC Allwinner E200


2014-09-19 19:56:25

SoC of Tablet PC PA7807-8


2015-09-30 08:55:15

Name: Allwinner Technology


2018-09-09 18:15:11

Name: Allwinner Technology

Note: The 1f3a:efe8 is used for virtually every allwinner-based product in FEL flashing mode, from tablets to tv boxes: 1f3a is also used for other Allwinner-based products 1f3a:1010 is used for Allwinner A80 fastboot mode: Please update to Allwinner Technology


2020-05-17 08:26:45



Id Name Note
1000Prestigio PER3464B ebook reader (Mass storage mode)
1002mediacom XPRO 415
1010Android device in fastboot mode
efe8sunxi SoC OTG connector in FEL/flashing mode

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