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Name: Innostor Technology Corporation


Name: Sharkoon


2012-07-25 20:51:15

Name: Innostor Technology Corporation



2012-07-25 21:14:42

I've seen that 1f75 was not included in the latest usb.ids update, version 2012-09-20.

To clarify: I found this ID reported by my Sharkoon SATA QuickDeck Pro:

After some investigation (and opening the case for that to happen) I found the chip it uses, which is the IS888 by the Innostor Technology Corporation.

I hope this will soon be confirmed so it can be included with the next update.


2012-09-30 09:22:42

I also found that there are a number of USB Pen drives out there which report the same vendor ID, but apparently use a IS902 chip. Just google for "1f75:0902" or "1f75 Innostor"; I found this:

Note: mentions a IS916 chip with device ID 0916, so this could possibly be added also. Additionally, I found this (warning! big PDF): which mentions (confirms?) both the IS902 and the IS916 USB 3.0 chips for pen drives.

I assume that a lot of people have such a device and will be interested to see information about it.


2012-09-30 09:23:19

Name: Innostor Technology Corporation


2012-11-23 14:41:15



Id Name Note
0611IS611 SATA/PATA Bridge Controller
0621IS621 SATA Storage Controller
0888IS888 SATA Storage Controller
0902IS902 UFD controller
0916IS916 Flash Drive
0917IS917 Mass storage
0918IS918 Flash Drive

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