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Name: Nano River Technology


Name: I2C SPI GPIO controller [ViperBoard]

Hi Stephen
More than a months ago (today is 11.28.2013) I've submitted the appropriate info for new (aka not yet listed) VENDOR ID, its name and its product. The 'usb-ids' list is not yet updated. I guess I did something wrong. So, I am submitting the info again. Unfortunately, I am not sure what to enter into this form. The form is asking for ID. Which ID ??? Vendor or Device ID ? I am assuming, that the right answer is Vendor ID (which I entered). So far so good. But, I can not figure out where to enter the Device ID.

So, I am listing ALL the INFO I know in this 'Discussion' field:

Vendor ID : 2058
Vendor Name : Nano River Technologies
Device ID : 1005
Device description : I2C SPI GPIO controller
Device Name : ViperBoard

Stephen, I hope you can make some sense out of all the data I've provided and update the database accordingly.



2013-11-28 18:26:17

Name: Nano River Technology


2015-06-08 21:10:37



Id Name Note
2058ViperBoard I2C, SPI, GPIO interface

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