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Name: Motorola PCS


Name: Motorola PCS

2009-06-28 20:03:12



Id Name Note
0001Wally 2.2 chipset
0002Wally 2.4 chipset
0005V.60c/V.60i GSM Phone
08332386C-HT820 [Flash Mode]
0850Bluetooth Device
1001Patriot 1.0 (GSM) chipset
1002Patriot 2.0 chipset
1005T280e GSM/GPRS Phone
1101Patriot 1.0 (TDMA) chipset
1801Rainbow chipset flash
2035Bluetooth Device
2805GSM Modem
2821T720 GSM Phone
2822V.120e GSM Phone
2823Flash Interface
2a01MSM6050 chipset
2a02CDMA modem
2a03MSM6050 chipset flash
2a21V710 GSM Phone (P2K)
2a22V710 GSM Phone (AT)
2a23MSM6100 chipset flash
2a41MSM6300 chipset
2a42Usb Modem
2a43MSM6300 chipset flash
2a61E815 GSM Phone (P2K)
2a62E815 GSM Phone (AT)
2a63MSM6500 chipset flash
2a81MSM6025 chipset
2a83MSM6025 chipset flash
2ac1MSM6100 chipset
2ac3MSM6100 chipset flash
2e82XT1541 [Moto G 3rd Gen]
2e83XT1033 [Moto G], PTP mode
3001A835/E1000 GSM Phone (P2K)
3002A835/E1000 GSM Phone (AT)
3801C350L/C450 (P2K)
3802C330/C350L/C450/EZX GSM Phone (AT)
3803Neptune LT chipset flash
4001OMAP 1.0 chipset
4002A920/A925 UMTS Phone
4003OMAP 1.0 chipset flash
4008OMAP 1.0 chipset RDL
41d6Droid X (Windows media mode)
41dbDroid/Milestone (Debug mode)
41deDroid X (PC mode)
4204MPx200 Smartphone
4214MPc GSM
4224MPx220 Smartphone
4234MPc CDMA
4244MPx100 Smartphone
4285Droid X (Mass storage)
42d9XT910 [Droid RAZR]
4801Neptune LTS chipset
4803Neptune LTS chipset flash
4810Triplet GSM Phone (storage)
4901Triplet GSM Phone (P2K)
4902Triplet GSM Phone (AT)
4903Neptune LTE chipset flash
4a01Neptune LTX chipset
4a03Neptune LTX chipset flash
4a32L6-imode Phone
5801Neptune ULS chipset
5803Neptune ULS chipset flash
5901Neptune VLT chipset
5903Neptune VLT chipset flash
6001Dalhart EZX
6003Dalhart flash
6004EZX GSM Phone (CDC Net)
6008Dalhart RDL
6009EZX GSM Phone (P2K)
600aDalhart EZX config 17
600bDalhart EZX config 18
600cEZX GSM Phone (USBLAN)
6021JUIX chipset
6023JUIX chipset flash
6026Flash RAM Downloader/miniOS
604cEZX GSM Phone (Storage)
6101Talon integrated chipset
6401Argon chipset
6403Argon chipset flash
6411ROKR Z6 (print mode)
6415ROKR Z6 (MTP mode)
6422ROKR Z6 (modem mode)
6426ROKR Z6 (storage mode)
6604Washington CDMA Phone
6631CDC Modem
7001Q Smartphone
70a8Xoom Tablet
fe01StarTAC III MS900

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