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Name: dog hunter AG


Name: Linino board


2014-07-10 00:31:35

Name: dog hunter AG


2015-01-22 22:31:49



Id Name Note
0001Linino ONE (bootloader)
0036Arduino Leonardo (bootloader)
0037Arduino Micro (bootloader)
0038Arduino Robot Control (bootloader)
0039Arduino Robot Motor (bootloader)
003aArduino Micro ADK rev3 (bootloader)
003bArduino usb2serial
003cArduino Explora (bootloader)
003dArduino Due (usb2serial)
003eArduino Due
0041Arduino Yun (bootloader)
0042Arduino Mega 2560 Rev3
0043Arduino Uno Rev3
004dArduino Zero Pro (bootloader)
8001Linino ONE (CDC ACM)
8036Arduino Leonardo (CDC ACM)
8037Arduino Micro (CDC ACM)
8038Arduino Robot Control (CDC ACM)
8039Arduino Robot Motor (CDC ACM)
803aArduino Micro ADK rev3 (CDC ACM)
803cArduino Explora (CDC ACM)
8041Arduino Yun (CDC ACM)
804dArduino Zero Pro (CDC ACM)

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