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Name: InLine


Name: InLIne

The device is manufactured in China for the german vendor INTOS (brand name InLine). The ID is probably not owned by the vendor or manufacturer.


2013-01-29 01:34:15

Also on the "Zenithink C71" tablet PC, see the "dmesg" output here:
I therefore think now that the ID doesn't designate INTOS or their brand name InLine, but is owned/used by a chinese manufacturer.


2013-02-09 18:11:42

Name: unknown manufacturer

Note: Hijacked ID, not owned officially by a manufacturer or vendor!

I've now looked up the vendor ID at USB.ORG, where i previously haven't found the vendor list, which is somewhat hidden…
1) It's not included in the official file "usb.if":
2) It's not among the obsolete IDs:
So I suggest to give this ID a generic name until it becomes officially assigned in order to be able to include the existing devices in the database.


2013-02-09 19:12:13

Name: InLine


2015-01-07 12:45:23



Id Name Note
33332 port KVM switch model 60652K

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