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Name: Elo TouchSystems


Name: Elo TouchSystems

2009-06-28 19:03:06



Id Name Note
0002Touchmonitor Interface 2600 Rev 2
00044000U CarrollTouch® Touchmonitor Interface
00072500U IntelliTouch® Touchmonitor Interface
00083000U AccuTouch® Touchmonitor Interface
00094000U CarrollTouch® Touchmonitor Interface
0020Touchscreen Interface (2700)
0021Touchmonitor Interface
00304500U CarrollTouch® Touchmonitor Interface
0032Touchmonitor Interface
0033Touchmonitor Interface
00415010 Surface Capacitive Touchmonitor Interface
0042Touchmonitor Interface
00502216 AccuTouch® Touchmonitor Interface
0071Touchmonitor Interface
0072Touchmonitor Interface
0081Touchmonitor Interface
0082Touchmonitor Interface
00ffTouchmonitor Interface
2902WLIDS 21.5 Touchscreen

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