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Name: Apple, Inc.


Name: Apple, Inc.

2009-06-28 19:03:07



Id Name Note
922130" Cinema Display
12013G iPod
921cA1082 [Cinema HD Display 23"]
1393AirPods case
024fAluminium Keyboard (ANSI)
0250Aluminium Keyboard (ISO)
0220Aluminum Keyboard (ANSI)
0221Aluminum Keyboard (ISO)
0222Aluminum Keyboard (JIS)
021dAluminum Mini Keyboard (ANSI)
021eAluminum Mini Keyboard (ISO)
021fAluminum Mini Keyboard (JIS)
0263Apple Internal Keyboard / Trackpad (MacBook Retina)
1281Apple Mobile Device [Recovery Mode]
1392Apple Watch charger
1105Audio in LED Cinema Display
8203Bluetooth HCI
8205Bluetooth HCI
8206Bluetooth HCI
820fBluetooth HCI
1000Bluetooth HCI MacBookPro (HID mode)
820aBluetooth HID Keyboard
820bBluetooth HID Mouse
8213Bluetooth Host Controller
8218Bluetooth Host Controller
821aBluetooth Host Controller
8281Bluetooth Host Controller
8286Bluetooth Host Controller
8289Bluetooth Host Controller
828cBluetooth Host Controller
828dBluetooth Host Controller
8290Bluetooth Host Controller
ffffBluetooth in DFU mode - Driver
8216Bluetooth USB Host Controller
8217Bluetooth USB Host Controller
8207Built-in Bluetooth
8204Built-in Bluetooth 2.0+EDR HCI
8215Built-in Bluetooth 2.0+EDR HCI
821fBuilt-in Bluetooth 2.0+EDR HCI
8240Built-in IR Receiver
8241Built-in IR Receiver
8242Built-in IR Receiver
8502Built-in iSight
8505Built-in iSight
8507Built-in iSight
8300Built-in iSight (no firmware loaded)
8501Built-in iSight [Micron]
9219Cinema Display 20"
9218Cinema Display 23"
921eCinema Display 24"
9232Cinema HD Display 30"
1460Digital AV Multiport Adapter
8006EHCI Root Hub Simulation
1402Ethernet Adapter [A1277]
1002Extended Keyboard Hub [Mitsumi]
0205Extended Keyboard [Mitsumi]
0206Extended Keyboard [Mitsumi]
020cExtended Keyboard [Mitsumi]
850aFaceTime Camera
8509FaceTime HD Camera
8510FaceTime HD Camera (Built-in)
8511FaceTime HD Camera (Built-in)
1112FaceTime HD Camera (Display)
8202HCF V.90 Data/Fax Modem
1463HDMI Adapter
912fHub in 30" Cinema Display
911cHub in A1082 [Cinema HD Display 23"]
1006Hub in Aluminum Keyboard
1003Hub in Pro Keyboard [Mitsumi, A1048]
9127Hub in Thunderbolt Display
1009iBus Hub
0259Internal Keyboard/Trackpad
025aInternal Keyboard/Trackpad
020eInternal Keyboard/Trackpad (ANSI)
0214Internal Keyboard/Trackpad (ANSI)
0217Internal Keyboard/Trackpad (ANSI)
021aInternal Keyboard/Trackpad (ANSI)
0223Internal Keyboard/Trackpad (ANSI)
0229Internal Keyboard/Trackpad (ANSI)
0236Internal Keyboard/Trackpad (ANSI)
023fInternal Keyboard/Trackpad (ANSI)
0242Internal Keyboard/Trackpad (ANSI)
0245Internal Keyboard/Trackpad (ANSI)
0252Internal Keyboard/Trackpad (ANSI)
020fInternal Keyboard/Trackpad (ISO)
0215Internal Keyboard/Trackpad (ISO)
0218Internal Keyboard/Trackpad (ISO)
021bInternal Keyboard/Trackpad (ISO)
0224Internal Keyboard/Trackpad (ISO)
0237Internal Keyboard/Trackpad (ISO)
0240Internal Keyboard/Trackpad (ISO)
0243Internal Keyboard/Trackpad (ISO)
0246Internal Keyboard/Trackpad (ISO)
0253Internal Keyboard/Trackpad (ISO)
0273Internal Keyboard/Trackpad (ISO)
0216Internal Keyboard/Trackpad (JIS)
0219Internal Keyboard/Trackpad (JIS)
021cInternal Keyboard/Trackpad (JIS)
0225Internal Keyboard/Trackpad (JIS)
0238Internal Keyboard/Trackpad (JIS)
0241Internal Keyboard/Trackpad (JIS)
0244Internal Keyboard/Trackpad (JIS)
0247Internal Keyboard/Trackpad (JIS)
0254Internal Keyboard/Trackpad (JIS)
024aInternal Keyboard/Trackpad (MacBook Air) (ISO)
024dInternal Keyboard/Trackpad (MacBook Air) (ISO)
0230Internal Keyboard/Trackpad (MacBook Pro 4,1) (ANSI)
0231Internal Keyboard/Trackpad (MacBook Pro 4,1) (ISO)
0232Internal Keyboard/Trackpad (MacBook Pro 4,1) (JIS)
022aInternal Keyboard/Trackpad (MacBook Pro) (ISO)
022bInternal Keyboard/Trackpad (MacBook Pro) (JIS)
8403Internal Memory Card Reader
8404Internal Memory Card Reader
8406Internal Memory Card Reader
030aInternal Trackpad
030bInternal Trackpad
129fiPad 2
12a9iPad 2
12a2iPad 2 (3G; 64GB)
12a3iPad 2 (CDMA)
12a6iPad 3 (3G, 16 GB)
12a5iPad 3 (CDMA)
12a4iPad 3 (wifi)
1292iPhone 3G
1294iPhone 3GS
1297iPhone 4
129ciPhone 4(CDMA)
12a0iPhone 4S
12a8iPhone 5/5C/5S/6/SE/7/8/X/XR
1206iPod '06'
1207iPod '07'
1208iPod '08'
1202iPod 2G
1203iPod 4.Gen Grayscale 40G
1261iPod Classic
1245iPod Classic 3.Gen (WTF mode)
1223iPod Classic/Nano 3.Gen (DFU mode)
1205iPod Mini 1.Gen/2.Gen
120aiPod Nano
1260iPod Nano 2.Gen
1240iPod Nano 2.Gen (DFU mode)
1262iPod Nano 3.Gen
1224iPod Nano 3.Gen (DFU mode)
1242iPod Nano 3.Gen (WTF mode)
1263iPod Nano 4.Gen
1225iPod Nano 4.Gen (DFU mode)
1255iPod Nano 4.Gen (DFU mode)
1243iPod Nano 4.Gen (WTF mode)
1265iPod Nano 5.Gen
1231iPod Nano 5.Gen (DFU mode)
1246iPod Nano 5.Gen (WTF mode)
1266iPod Nano 6.Gen
1267iPod Nano 7.Gen
1300iPod Shuffle
1301iPod Shuffle 2.Gen
1302iPod Shuffle 3.Gen
1303iPod Shuffle 4.Gen
1291iPod Touch 1.Gen
1293iPod Touch 2.Gen
1299iPod Touch 3.Gen
1296iPod Touch 3.Gen (8GB)
129eiPod Touch 4.Gen
12aaiPod Touch 5.Gen [A1421]
1209iPod Video
1204iPod [Photo]
8508iSight in LED Cinema Display
1001Keyboard Hub [ALPS]
0202Keyboard [ALPS]
9226LED Cinema Display
0267Magic Keyboard A1644
030dMagic Mouse
0269Magic Mouse 2 (Lightning connector)
030eMC380Z/A [Magic Trackpad]
0304Mighty Mouse [Mitsumi, M1152]
1008Mini DisplayPort to Dual-Link DVI Adapter
1227Mobile Device (DFU Mode)
100cNova Hub
8005OHCI Root Hub Simulation
0302Optical Mouse [Fujitsu]
0306Optical USB Mouse [Fujitsu]
020dPro Keyboard [Mitsumi, A1048/JIS layout]
020bPro Keyboard [Mitsumi, A1048/US layout]
1398Smart Battery Case
1395Smart Battery Case [iPhone 6]
9215Studio Display 15"
9217Studio Display 17"
9210Studio Display 21"
1500SuperDrive [A1379]
9227Thunderbolt Display
1107Thunderbolt Display Audio
12a7TV Device
0201USB Keyboard [Alps or Logitech, M2452]
0301USB Mouse [Mitsumi, M4848]
1461VGA Multiport Adapter
8007XHCI Root Hub USB 2.0 Simulation

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