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Name: NVIDIA Corp.


Name: NVidia Corp.

2009-06-28 19:03:09

Name: NVIDIA Corp.


2017-06-21 17:54:35

For vendor = 0955 and product = 7005, libusb returns the strings "Microchip Technology Inc." (not "NVIDIA"), and "HID USB Bootloader"

In my case, this is the USB charger for NVIDIA "3D Vision Pro" stereo eyewear. I don't know whether any other device (especially some other USB charger) might also be a "Microchip Technology Inc." "HID USB Bootloader"


2017-09-28 01:02:52



Id Name Note
7035Jetson device in initrd flashing mode
7020L4T (Linux for Tegra) running on Tegra
b400SHIELD (debug)
7210SHIELD Controller
cf09SHIELD Tablet
cf08SHIELD Tablet
cf07SHIELD Tablet
cf06SHIELD Tablet
cf05SHIELD Tablet (debug)
7321Switch [Tegra Erista] recovery mode
7140T124 [Tegra K1/Logan 32-bit]
7018T186 [Tegra Parker]
7c18T186 [TX2 Tegra Parker] recovery mode
7820T20 [Tegra 2] recovery mode
7721T210 [TX1 Tegra Erista] recovery mode
7323T234 [Orin NX 16GB] recovery mode
7423T234 [Orin NX 8GB] recovery mode
7030T30 [Tegra 3] recovery mode
7100Tegra Device
701aU-Boot running on Tegra

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