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Name: HTC (High Tech Computer Corp.)


Name: High Tech Computer Corp.

2009-06-28 19:03:10

Name: HTC (High Tech Computer Corp.)

HTC, also known as High Tech Computer Corporation.


2012-03-25 17:39:51



Id Name Note
2744Vive Hub (HTC CB USB2)
2134Vive Hub (SMSC USB2137B)
200bAndroid Phone via PTP [Wiko Cink Peax 2]
2008Android Phone via MTP [MT65xx]
0fffAndroid Fastboot Bootloader
0ffeDesire HD (modem mode)
0ff9Desire / Desire HD / Hero / Thunderbolt (Charge Mode)
0ff8Desire HD (Tethering Mode)
0ff0One Mini (M4)
0fb4Remote NDIS based Device
0f64Desire 601
0f63Desire 610 Via MTP
0f25One M8
0deaM7_UL [HTC One]
0de5One (M7)
0caeT-Mobile MyTouch 4G Slide [Doubleshot]
0cabDesire / Desire HD / Hero / Thunderbolt (HTC Sync Mode)
0ca5Android Phone [Evo Shift 4G]
0ca2Desire HD (debug mode)
0c99Desire (debug)
0c8dEVO 4G (debug)
0c87Desire (debug)
0c1fSony Ericsson XPERIA X1
0c03Android Phone [Fairphone First Edition (FP1)]
0c02Dream / ADP1 / G1 / Magic / Tattoo (Debug)
0c01Dream / ADP1 / G1 / Magic / Tattoo / FP1
0bceVario MDA
0b51Qtek 8310 mobile phone [Tornado Noble]
0b1fSony Ericsson XPERIA X1
0b0cElf / Touch / P3450 / T-Mobile MDA Touch / O2 Xda Nova / Dopod S1
0b06Athena / Advantage x7500 / Dopod U1000 / T-Mobile AMEO
0b04Hermes / TyTN / T-Mobile MDA Vario II / O2 Xda Trion
0b03Ozone Mobile Broadband
0a9fSmartPhone Sync
0a9eSmartPhone Sync
0a9dSmartPhone Sync
0a9cSmartPhone Sync
0a9bSmartPhone Sync
0a9aSmartPhone Sync
0a99SmartPhone Sync
0a98SmartPhone Sync
0a97SmartPhone Sync
0a96SmartPhone Sync
0a95SmartPhone Sync
0a94SmartPhone Sync
0a93SmartPhone Sync
0a92SmartPhone Sync
0a91SmartPhone Sync
0a90SmartPhone Sync
0a8fSmartPhone Sync
0a8eSmartPhone Sync
0a8dSmartPhone Sync
0a8cSmartPhone Sync
0a8bSmartPhone Sync
0a8aSmartPhone Sync
0a89SmartPhone Sync
0a88SmartPhone Sync
0a87SmartPhone Sync
0a86SmartPhone Sync
0a85SmartPhone Sync
0a84SmartPhone Sync
0a83SmartPhone Sync
0a82SmartPhone Sync
0a81SmartPhone Sync
0a80SmartPhone Sync
0a7fSmartPhone Sync
0a7eSmartPhone Sync
0a7dSmartPhone Sync
0a7cSmartPhone Sync
0a7bSmartPhone Sync
0a7aSmartPhone Sync
0a79SmartPhone Sync
0a78SmartPhone Sync
0a77SmartPhone Sync
0a76SmartPhone Sync
0a75SmartPhone Sync
0a74SmartPhone Sync
0a73SmartPhone Sync
0a72SmartPhone Sync
0a71SmartPhone Sync
0a70SmartPhone Sync
0a6fSmartPhone Sync
0a6eSmartPhone Sync
0a6dSmartPhone Sync
0a6cSmartPhone Sync
0a6bSmartPhone Sync
0a6aSmartPhone Sync
0a69SmartPhone Sync
0a68SmartPhone Sync
0a67SmartPhone Sync
0a66SmartPhone Sync
0a65SmartPhone Sync
0a64SmartPhone Sync
0a63SmartPhone Sync
0a62SmartPhone Sync
0a61SmartPhone Sync
0a60SmartPhone Sync
0a5fSmartPhone Sync
0a5eSmartPhone Sync
0a5dSmartPhone Sync
0a5cSmartPhone Sync
0a5bSmartPhone Sync
0a5aSmartPhone Sync
0a59SmartPhone Sync
0a58SmartPhone Sync
0a57SmartPhone Sync
0a56SmartPhone Sync
0a55SmartPhone Sync
0a54SmartPhone Sync
0a53SmartPhone Sync
0a52SmartPhone Sync
0a51SPV C400 / T-Mobile SDA GSM/GPRS Pocket PC
0a50SmartPhone (MTP)
0a4fPocketPC Sync
0a4ePocketPC Sync
0a4dPocketPC Sync
0a4cPocketPC Sync
0a4bPocketPC Sync
0a4aPocketPC Sync
0a49PocketPC Sync
0a48PocketPC Sync
0a47PocketPC Sync
0a46PocketPC Sync
0a45PocketPC Sync
0a44PocketPC Sync
0a43PocketPC Sync
0a42PocketPC Sync
0a41PocketPC Sync
0a40PocketPC Sync
0a3fPocketPC Sync
0a3ePocketPC Sync
0a3dPocketPC Sync
0a3cPocketPC Sync
0a3bPocketPC Sync
0a3aPocketPC Sync
0a39PocketPC Sync
0a38PocketPC Sync
0a37PocketPC Sync
0a36PocketPC Sync
0a35PocketPC Sync
0a34PocketPC Sync
0a33PocketPC Sync
0a32PocketPC Sync
0a31PocketPC Sync
0a30PocketPC Sync
0a2fPocketPC Sync
0a2ePocketPC Sync
0a2dPocketPC Sync
0a2cPocketPC Sync
0a2bPocketPC Sync
0a2aPocketPC Sync
0a29PocketPC Sync
0a28PocketPC Sync
0a27PocketPC Sync
0a26PocketPC Sync
0a25PocketPC Sync
0a24PocketPC Sync
0a23PocketPC Sync
0a22PocketPC Sync
0a21PocketPC Sync
0a20PocketPC Sync
0a1fPocketPC Sync
0a1ePocketPC Sync
0a1dPocketPC Sync
0a1cPocketPC Sync
0a1bPocketPC Sync
0a1aPocketPC Sync
0a19PocketPC Sync
0a18PocketPC Sync
0a17PocketPC Sync
0a16PocketPC Sync
0a15PocketPC Sync
0a14PocketPC Sync
0a13PocketPC Sync
0a12PocketPC Sync
0a11PocketPC Sync
0a10PocketPC Sync
0a0fPocketPC Sync
0a0ePocketPC Sync
0a0dPocketPC Sync
0a0cPocketPC Sync
0a0bPocketPC Sync
0a0aPocketPC Sync
0a09PocketPC Sync
0a08PocketPC Sync
0a07Magician PocketPC SmartPhone / O2 XDA
0a06PocketPC Sync
0a05PocketPC Sync
0a04PocketPC Sync
0a03PocketPC Sync
0a02Himalaya GSM/GPRS Pocket PC
0a01PocketPC Sync
0306Vive Hub Bluetooth 4.1 (Broadcom BCM920703)
00cfSPV C500 Smart Phone
00cemmO2 XDA GSM/GPRS Pocket PC
0001Android Phone via mass storage [Wiko Cink Peax 2]

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