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Name: Seagate RSS LLC


Name: Seagate RSS LLC

2009-06-28 20:03:10



Id Name Note
0502ST3300601CB-RK 300 GB External Hard Drive
0503ST3250824A [Barracuda 7200.9]
2000Storage Adapter V3 (TPP)
2100FreeAgent Go
2200FreeAgent Go FW
2300Expansion Portable
231aExpansion Portable
2320USB 3.0 bridge [Portable Expansion Drive]
2321Expansion Portable
2322SRD0NF1 Expansion Portable (STEA)
2340FreeAgent External Hard Drive
3000FreeAgent Desktop
3008FreeAgent Desk 1TB
3101FreeAgent XTreme 640GB
3312SRD00F2 Expansion Desktop Drive (STBV)
3320SRD00F2 [Expansion Desktop Drive]
3322SRD0NF2 [Expansion Desktop Drive]
5020FreeAgent GoFlex
5021FreeAgent GoFlex USB 2.0
5030FreeAgent GoFlex Upgrade Cable STAE104
5031FreeAgent GoFlex USB 3.0
5032SATA cable
5070FreeAgent GoFlex Desk
5071FreeAgent GoFlex Desk
50a1FreeAgent GoFlex Desk
50a5FreeAgent GoFlex Desk USB 3.0
5121FreeAgent GoFlex
5161FreeAgent GoFlex dock
6126Maxtor D3 Station 5TB
61b6Maxtor HX-M101TCB/GM [M3 Portable 1TB]
61b7Maxtor M3 Portable
a003Backup Plus
a0a1Backup Plus Desktop
a0a4Backup Plus Desktop Drive
ab00Slim Portable Drive
ab1eBackup Plus Portable Drive
ab20Backup Plus Portable Drive
ab21Backup Plus Slim
ab24Backup Plus Portable Drive
ab26Backup Plus Slim Portable Drive 1 TB
ab31Backup Plus Desktop Drive (5TB)
ab34Backup Plus
ab38Backup Plus Hub

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