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Name: Backup Plus Hub (Mass Storage)


Name: Backup Plus Hub

This ID was observed on a Backup Plus Hub (Styled "Backup+ Hub" in the USB iProduct) 5TB model number STEL5000600. It is a USB3 external hard drive with built-in 2-port USB hub.


2016-10-22 20:31:05

Name: Backup+ Hub external hard drive

Mine is an 8 TB model:
0bc2:ab38 class "mass storage" -> iProduct 3 Backup+ Hub BK
0bc2:ab44 class "hub" -> iProduct 3 Backup+ Hub

The "ab38" ID is the hard disk, not the included hub, so I suggest another name.


2018-02-21 20:24:12

Name: Backup Plus Hub (Mass Storage)

I agree with chf that the name needs clarification. My new 8TB Backup Plus Hub has the following USB devices (iProduct in quotes, my notes in parens):

3-1 0bc2:ab44 "Backup+ Hub" (USB2 Hub)
4-1 0bc2:ab45 "Backup+ Hub" (USB3 Hub)
4-1.1 0bc2:ab38 "Backup+ Hub BK" (Mass Storage)

Given the prevalence of parentheticals, I would suggest the following names:

0bc2:ab44 "Backup Plus Hub (USB2 Hub)"
0bc2:ab45 "Backup Plus Hub (USB3 Hub)"
0bc2:ab38 "Backup Plus Hub (Mass Storage)"

Having "Hub" in the name is not ideal, but it is the product name printed on the device and I can't think of a better alternative at the moment.


2019-03-01 17:53:48

One further clarification: The hub with ID 0bc2:ab44 reports bcdUSB 2.10, while 0bc2:ab45 reports bcdUSB 3.00, but both include SuperSpeed (5Gbps) in wSpeedsSupported. Calling it "(USB2 Hub)" would be wrong. My mistake.


2019-03-01 18:11:05



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