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Name: Silicon Labs


Name: Cygnal Integrated Products, Inc.

2009-06-28 20:03:11

Name: Silicon Laboratories Inc.

In 2003 Silicon Laboratories Inc. acquired Cygnal Integrated Products. All products will be sold under Silicon Laboratories Inc. name.


2012-02-29 15:54:53

Name: Silicon Labs


Silicon Laboratories has now purged all mentions of "Cygnal Integrated Products, Inc." from their site and documentation.

Furthermore, they now refer to themselves as "Silicon Labs" according to their Investor information page.

I'd suggest updating the name for idVendor 0x10c4 since the acquisition happened back in 2002. :-)

"Silicon Labs (NASDAQ: SLAB) is a leading provider of ..."


2017-01-29 23:42:21

Name: Silicon Labs

I work on the USB products at Silicon Labs. This is our registered vendor ID. We request that the name for this ID be "Silicon Labs". The existing name can cause confusion for our customers since Cygnal has not been around for many years.


2017-09-27 16:03:01

should be
Silicon Labs


2019-01-16 20:53:37

Name: Silicon Labs


2019-04-01 08:45:21

Name: Silicon Labs


2019-04-01 22:45:19

Name: Silicon Labs


2019-09-07 11:55:16



Id Name Note
0002F32x USBXpress Device
8030K4JRG Ham Radio devices
8044USB Debug Adapter
804eSoftware Bisque Paramount ME
80a9CP210x to UART Bridge Controller
80c4Infrared Thermometer Adapter
80caATM2400 Sensor Device
813ftams EasyControl
8149West Mountain Radio Computerized Battery Analyzer
814aWest Mountain Radio RIGblaster P&P
814bWest Mountain Radio RIGtalk
818aSilicon Labs FM Radio Reference Design
81e8Zephyr BioHarness
834bInfrared Online Sensor Adapter
834eInfrared Sensor Adapter
8460Sangoma Wanpipe VoiceTime
8461Sangoma U100
8470Juniper Networks BX Series System Console
8477Balluff RFID Reader
8496SiLabs Cypress FW downloader
8497SiLabs Cypress EVB
84fbInfrared Blackbody Adapter
8508RS485 Adapter
8605dilitronics ESoLUX solar lighting controller
8660Netronics CANdoISO
86bcC8051F34x AudioDelay [AD-340]
8789C8051F34x Extender & EDID MGR [EMX-DVI]
87beC8051F34x HDMI Audio Extractor [EMX-HD-AUD]
8863C8051F34x Bootloader
8897C8051F38x HDMI Splitter [UHBX]
88c9AES HID device
8918C8051F38x HDMI Audio Extractor [VSA-HA-DP]
8973C8051F38x HDMI Extender [UHBX-8X]
89c6SPORTident HID device
89e1C8051F38x HDMI Extender [UHBX-SW3-WP]
89fbQivicon ZigBee Stick
8a3cC8051F38x HDBaseT Receiver [UHBX-R-XT]
8a6cC8051F38x 4K HDMI Audio Extractor [EMX-AMP]
8acbC8051F38x HDBaseT Wall Plate Receiver with IR, RS-232, and PoH [UHBX-R-WP]
8af8C8051F38x 4K HDMI Audio Extractor w/Audio Amplifier, HDBT Input, Line Audio Input RS-232 Ports and IP Control [VSA-X21]
8b8cC8051F38x 4K HDMI Audio Extractor w/Audio Amplifier, HDBT Input, Line Audio Input RS-232 Ports and IP Control [SC-3H]
8db5C8051F38x CATx HDMI Receiver with USB [EX-HDU-R]
8db6C8051F38x CATx HDMI Receiver
ea60CP210x UART Bridge
ea61CP210x UART Bridge
ea63CP210x UART Bridge
ea70CP2105 Dual UART Bridge
ea71CP2108 Quad UART Bridge
ea80CP2110 HID UART Bridge
ea90CP2112 HID I2C Bridge
ea91CP2112 HID SMBus/I2C Bridge for CP2614 Evaluation Kit
ea93CP2112 HID SMBus/I2C Bridge for CP2615 Evaluation Kit
eab0CP2114 I2S Audio Bridge
eac0CP2614 MFi Accessory Digital Audio Bridge
eac1CP2615 I2S Audio Bridge
eac9EFM8UB1 Bootloader
eacaEFM8UB2 Bootloader
eacbEFM8UB3 Bootloader

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